If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Furthering the music discussion from a couple posts down…

So now the New York Times is reporting that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is releasing his latest solo project, “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes,” via BitTorrent for a mere six bucks.

BitTorrent will take 10% off the top and Yorke pockets the rest.

That’s right, the same band that seven years ago pretty much pioneered the act of giving away music.

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Freemium Outrage


Okay, wait a minute…I thought we were permanently ensconced in the Age of Free, in an era where either you give it away or it will be illegally downloaded from you or ignored completely.

What gives then, Millennials, with all the outrage over Apple’s gift – gift meaning free, the word that has completely destroyed the record industry and is on the verge of bringing down Hollywood and maybe even…

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In Celebration of the Old World Order

Scotland chooses to stay obediently within the stolid and familiar fold of the United Kingdom, so what better way to celebrate the postponement of the collapse of the well established Establishment than by eating some “cake” in a joint called Bonaparte?

Why Scotland Should Stay UK…or not

All I want to know about this controversial vote is…how are the Bay City Rollers voting?

The Long War

I’m no dove – my twenty years in the navy will attest to that – but lately I’m feeling like a character in George Orwell’s 1984.

“No matter how hard he digs at his memory, Winston is uncertain whether a time existed when Oceania was not at war with someone.”

But still, I guess a Super Power’s gotta do what a Super Power’s gotta do…

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A Peek

Look, take a peek in

between the clicks, the scrolls

to see what you’re missing

or not – the whole bloody

lot of it

Still it’s there, ignorance be damned

Ignorance be blissed

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Kurt Brindley:

A hummingbird at rest.


Originally posted on HappyNest in America:



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March Headlong Into the Wind

March Headlong Into the Wind

Now available at Amazon

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Komorebi - sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees #Japan #language #nature #photography


I, by all means, am not a speaker of Japanese; however, I do appreciate the beauty of the language. I especially love how some of its words can be, at the same time, both simple and profoundly complex.

Many of the most moving and spiritual words are nearly impossible to translate properly into English because they convey more a feeling than a thought.

“Komorebi” is one such word that, to truly…

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